FISIOZENITH – Massophysiotherapy
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FISIOZENITH – Massophysiotherapy

A series of new services available.

Physiotherapy – Kinesiotherapy

The goal is to facilitate the recovery of the correct joint width of one or more joints.

High Frequency Tecar Therapy

Aim of reactivating natural rehabilitation and inflammatory processes, prevention of contractures, recovery after surgery.

Limfa Therapy

LIMFA© Therapy is a revolutionary technology that, thanks to an exclusive mechanism of sending specific information packages to the cells, can accelerate cellular healing and self-repair with an average efficacy, scientifically proven, of 80%.

Kinesio Taping

The Kinesiology tape is an elastic adhesive bandage with a bio-mechanical therapeutic effect. It is a technique based on the natural healing process of the body, through the activation of circulatory and neurological systems.

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