Camping Resort with fitness and wellness facilities in Val di Fassa
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Camping Resort with fitness and wellness facilities in Val di Fassa

The Family und Wellness Resort Vidor provides a well equipped gym with Technogym apparatus

Fitness is also wellness, and both are synonymous with living well.
This is why more and more people tend to prefer camp sites and holiday villages which have gyms and wellbeing areas even when they are travelling.
Our Family and Wellness Resort has responded to this demand with a well equipped gym for guests with the latest exercise machines, Technogym and apparatus for free exercise such as exercise mats, wall bars and stretching ball, as well as weights of varying calibrations.

It will be simple to maintain your fitness programme during your camping holiday in Val di Fassa as the gym in our holiday village is open every day from 10am to 9pm and has the latest equipment.


Entrance fitness studio
> 15 years
2 - 14 years
Single entrance
€ 5,00
€ 3,00
Subscription 1 month
€ 45,00

Entrance fitness studio
> 15 years
2 - 14 years
Single entrance
€ 7,00
€ 5,00
Subscription 1 month
€ 50,00

Happy Family*: only parents with 2 children under 15 years old

Season tickets and packages do not give priority of entrance.
Children up to the age of 2 are free of charge, but they need to wear a waterproof swim pant.

Sauna World is a nudist area: access is only granted without a bathing suit! We suggest to take with you at least two bath towels and the slippers.

Closing time pools: twenty minutes before the Aquapark is closing
Time is calculated from the time of entry to the time of exit.

The penalty in case of loss of the electronic bracelet is equal to 50,00 €. Therefore it is recommended not to take your bracelet off during your stay in the Aquapark .

Aquapark & Wellness rules:

1. The access to the centre is restricted to the use of the bracelet given by the reception, that must be used to enter the AQUAPARK
and the WELLNESS zone, as well as purchasing goods by the bar; at the end, it must be returned.
2. To access to the swimming pool is compulsory first to have a shower and wash your feet in the specific tub.
3. It is not allowed to enter the swimming pool area dressed, to undress there are the specific changing rooms.
4. It is recommended the use of swimming cap.
5. It is not allowed to enter with shoes, except using clean slippers.
6. It is not allowed to dive from the side of the swimming pool.
7. It is not allowed to run around the pools, nor in the changing rooms neither in the showers.
8. It is not allowed to bring any kind of glass in the centre.
9. It is not allowed to eat and drink if not in the bar area.
10. Inside the pools and in the water slides it is not allowed to wear neither sun nor corrective glasses; the goggles must be made of plastic.
11. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult that is responsible for him/her when using the slides.
12. It is not allowed any kind of training, apart the swim and gym lessons authorised by the direction. It is not allowed to use flippers, masks nor snorkels.
13. It is not allowed to introduce balls and any other kind of sport equipment.
14. The use of the “mom and son” swimming pool is allowed only for kids under 10 years old and adults accompanying their kids.
15. Kids under 2 years old must wear swimming nappy.
16. It is not allowed to change the nappies in the swimming pool area.
17. Kids under 8 years old can access the AQUAPARK area only if accompanied by an adult, that is going to assume his responsibility.
18. Kids between 4 and 14 years old can access to the WELLNESS area only if accompanied by an adult.
19. Due to healthcare conditions, it is not allowed to enter the sauna wearing swim suits, a cotton towel. Therefor it is suggested to have at least 2 towels for the sauna area.
20. It is not allowed to scream and be unrespectful. Drunk people or people under drugs are not allowed. The staff can remove anybody who doesn’t follow the rules without getting refunded. The direction can request to show a document to get identified.
21. In the garden it is not allowed to play dangerous games nor to disturb other people.
22. All the equipment must be used with care; damages should be refunded.
23. People with contagious diseases, open wounds and infections are not allowed to enter the Aquapark nor the wellness area. People with pathologies must inform our staff. Management can decide to request a medic certificate of suitability to enter the area.
24. It is not allowed to bring pets in the centre.
25. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the whole centre.
26. Management doesn’t take responsibility for any loss or damage; there are specific lockers where you can leave your objects.
27. The customer must scrupulously follow the opening and closing hours, they are shown at entrance of the centre.
28. It is recommended to take vision of the exit doors in case of fire.
29. Please be aware that the time of stay is calculated from the moment of access to the centre until when the bracelet is returned to the reception.
30. Buying the entrance ticket the user accepts all the rules above indicated.

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