Mountain biking and road biking - Explore numerous tracks and tours
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Mountain biking and road biking - Explore numerous tracks and tours

Cycling tours through the impressive Dolomites scenery depart and end directly at our Family and Wellness Camping Resort

What better way to experience the enchantment of the unspoilt natural wonders of the Val di Fassa than by mountain bike riding along the numerous paths and routes that allow you to discover stunning spots of incomparable beauty in the Dolomites?
Perhaps this is the secret to the success of this sporting discipline which is getting more and more convenient and popular. It allows you to leave the noise and stress of traffic behind you at least for a few magical moments. You will find adventure on daring routes, with steep seemingly insurmountable slopes or breathtaking descents, totally emersed in the unique natural environment of the UNESCO World Heritage. You will pass meadows, forests, and streams that flow gently towards the Avisio river torrent, and will be surrounded only by silence and the intense scents of nature. Our holiday village offers 3 routes of 3 varying difficulties which depart directly from the Camping Vidor Family and Wellness Resort.

All roads lead to Val di Fassa! The road cyclist, arriving or leaving from here, will find hundreds of different itineraries of varying difficulties on the panoramic roads that run through the heart of the Dolomites. They are made all fairly difficult by the atmospheric effect of the altitude on the air. However once you have overcome this obstacle they all reward you with incomparable emotions, and feelings of great fulfillment and self esteem. The following tours depart and end directly at the campsite Vidor:

4 passes route
Duration of the course
departing from and arriving at the campsite: 4hr 30min

This is the summer version of the wonderful winter circuit the Sella Ronda. It consists of a round trip around the whole of the Sella massif, and is one of the most beautiful routes in the whole Dolomite region. You can start attacking this route from any of the four passes, and at the end you will reach your starting point. The famous four passes are, the Sella Pass (2244m), the Gardena Pass (2121m), the Campolongo Pass (1875) and the Pordoi Pass (2239m). Even though the whole trip is not very long at 73km, the total height difference over the course of the route is 2100m and it alternates continuously between uphills and downhills with no particularly long flat stretches where you can regain your energy.

Costalunga Pass
Duration of the course
departing from and arriving at the campsite: 1hr 30min

Amongst the various Dolomite Passes, the Costalunga, which is tackled from the slope which faces the Val di Fassa, is certainly the least interesting for cyclists due to its modest altitude (1752m) and also to its low height difference on the route, of around 400m. Therefore this Pass if tackled individually is a useful warm up to start exercising the legs in the first rides of the season. Also, for those already in shape it is little more than a training circuit.

Fedaia Pass
Duration of the course
departing from and arriving at the campsite: 2hr 30min

Of the two slopes which divide the Fedaia Pass, this is certainly the nicest. The ascent, apart from the last 2-3 km, doesn't have any particularly steep gradients, it isn't particularly long and the difference in height is around 600m. For these reasons in my opinion it is suitable for those who have already cycled about a hundred kilometres, and want to approach their first true ascent of the season. You will see the magnificent Marmolada glacier and the clear sparkling waters of the artificial lake below, which is bordered by the road for 2km which runs flat before turning steeply down the other side.