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Our fairytale corner

Otta’s World.

Children’s paradise – large play area and games room at the Vidor Resort in the Trentino Dolomites.

Otta’s World is our indoor and outdoor themed play area, a magical forest where children can immerse themselves in an imaginative, fantasy land.

It’s so important to give children the freedom they need and time to play and have fun. We believe that ‘A happy child on holiday makes for a happy parent’, and we do everything we can to make this happen!
The Resort offers a quiet environment that’s suitable for all children. Everything is designed to be family-friendly, with green areas and safe spaces for playing. In Otta’s World, children will find space to play amongst the logs, rocks and swinging bridges in complete safety!

Otta, our mascot

Otta is our crafty marmot.
Otta the Marmot is our mascot, a bit of a joker but also rather cuddly. Her hugs manage to win over all the adults as well as most of our little guests.

How much do you know about her world?

At the end of a long and exciting day, Otta retreats to her den in Otta’s World, where children too can have fun.
She has built a forest with slides and ropes, perfect for children to run wild. There are miniature houses and logs for hide and seek games, and bridges to cross.
Get ready for some serious fun in Otta’s World!

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