Pozza di Fassa in the winter and summer sports region Val di Fassa in the Trentino
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Pozza di Fassa in the winter and summer sports region Val di Fassa in the Trentino

The holiday village Pozza di Fassa is situated in a perfect location for your memorable skiing and hiking vacation in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites

The Fassa Valley lies in the heart of the Alps and is surrounded by some of the most famous mountains in the world, the Dolomites. These peaks are the subject of many legends, as here mother nature really indulged herself, bestowing gifts of extraordinary beauty. Here the encounter between man and nature has great significance.
Pozza stands in a beautiful and very sunny spot right in the heart of the Fassa valley. This tourist centre is particularly attractive to mountain lovers. Gardeccia and Valle di S. Nicolo are also within easy reach of the town, where you can discover the unspoilt beauty of the many alpine pastures and mountain huts of the area, and where you can take in magnificent views.

THE DOLOMITES UNESCO HERITAGE SITE In June 2009, the Dolomites became a world heritage site, after enchanting UNESCO with their beauty. They also enchanted the poet Goethe, the writer Mario Rigoni Stern and the architect Le Corbusier in the past, with their sharp peaks, jagged ridges and unparalleled variety of colours which vary throughout the course of the day. At sunset the Dolomites are set alight by a fiery red, which then turns to purple, before being put out by the darkness of night.

This colourful phenomenon is known as the Enrosadira, and is accentuated by the particular chemical composition of the Dolomite rock. This is an unrivalled natural spectacle.