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Camping in summer – a unique camping experience in Pozza.

A summer holiday at the Vidor Resort in the Val di Fassa offers fun and relaxation for all the family thanks to an assortment of recreational activities.

Walks and hikes

Explore the mountain lakes and refuges of the Val di Fassa when you hike in the heart of the Dolomites.
Evoking intense emotions for visitors, this is an area to be explored gradually, from the sight of the alpenglow which lights up the slopes of the Dolomites at sunrise and sunset, to the delightful lakes which are just a few hours away on foot. Then there are peaks to scale with alpine guides, refuges for pitstops during excursions and mountain huts when you can taste milk and cheese.

Lagusel Trail – Duration 5.30h

Starting from the Resort, go down to the bridge. From there, take a left turn and continue up to the Malga al Crocifisso where you leave the main road and take the right fork which goes into the Monzoni Valley. Once you have passed the barrier, set off on the road (intermittently paved), which runs through the picturesque ‘Val dei Monzoni’; after a few hairpin bends, continue on a more moderate slope along a beautiful gorge, with the dark volcanic Monzoni peak in the background. Leave path 640 on the left, crossing a small bridge and continuing to Lagusel. This incline is marked for a long stretch and then the path continues with a pleasant route across the Pief meadows. A final push takes you to the Pief saddle at 2,186 m. Here, having left path no. 641 which continues towards Palacia and Pecol, descend to the left through a bumpy meadow. The Lagusel glacial lake appears below and can be reached in a few minutes. Go through the pasture behind the landslide boulders, now covered with thick vegetation, which close off the lake to the west. You can easily find the ancient road which descends rapidly towards the valley floor. When you get to the ‘Strada dei Russi’ forest road, follow it to the left, pass the stream ‘ruf de Sèn Nicolò’ and after a short climb, join the paved road that descends towards the starting point at the Crucifix and then to the Resort.

San Nicolò trail – Duration 6.30h

Start at the Resort, descending towards Pozza until you reach the Buffaure cable car (2,060 m). Go down the slope to the saddle and then go left on to the wide ski slope (below this point, on the right, you may wish to take the chairlift that leads up to Col de Valvacin) to Buffaure di Sopra, at the Baita Cuz refuge. Start climbing again following a moderate zigzag up to the ridge. Go to the top station of the chairlift and over the steep ramp that leads to Sas de Adam (magnificent circular panorama over all the Fassa Dolomites) beyond which you begin to descend. When the ridge rises again, it crosses its northern slopes to Sela Brunéch at 2,428 m. Upstream of the chairlift (here the path becomes n. 613 bis), you’ll reach a thin ridge that closes the Ciampac basin to the south. Follow this all the way to the rugged buttresses of Sas de Roces which compel you to move to the side of Val San Nicolò. Descend several hairpin bends at a high altitude, with the assistance of a wire cable at several steeper points, until you reach the wide grassy saddle upstream of the Sas Bianch. Ascend (the path becomes the n. 613 again) with a steep diagonal the west side of the Varos close to fortifications dating back to the First World War. The east slope descends in view of the Passo San Nicolò refuge (2,338 m) which can be reached in a few minutes. You return by coming down into Val San Nicolò along the track up to the Ciampié hut at 1,826 m and to the campsite via the asphalted road.

Mountain bike and e-bike

Breathe in a heady mix of intense natural scents when you travel by bike through the Val di Fassa in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We can’t think of a better way to appreciate the enchanting pristine nature of the Val di Fassa and discover its timeless beauty than by mountain biking along its paths and trails.
Perhaps this is the secret of the success of this increasingly popular sport, which allows you to leave behind the noise and stress of traffic, even if only for a fleeting magical moment. This is a time to tackle challenging paths, steep ascents and breath-taking descents, totally immersed in the unique natural environment, in the wonder of meadows, woods and streams that trickle gently towards the Avisio stream, surrounded only by silence and the intense scent of nature. Our Resort offers various routes of varying difficulty that start and finish at the resort.

All roads lead to Val di Fassa! If you’re a road cyclist you’ll find hundreds of varying level itineraries, starting from here and following the panoramic roads that cross the heart of the Dolomites. All fairly challenging on account of the altitude and weather conditions, they create a unique set of emotions, of unparalleled satisfaction and achievement when tackled headlong. Our Resort offers various routes of varying difficulty straight from the resort.


Mountains, woods, fresh air and mountain streams: could there be a better backdrop to a horse-riding excursion? It may even be a good moment to try horse-riding for the first time, possibly even with the children who will find specially trained ponies and horses in the stables.
It’s good to try something different, even if just once, and certainly worth even just visiting the stables to learn more about the world of animals. The stables organise superb horse-riding activities, ranging from brief one hour excursions to full days out and trekking.

For children, there are beautiful ponies to take for walks in the safety of the meadows.
The stables are 10 minutes away, easily accessible via a cycle path from the campsite.

Downhill biking

Whizz down the slopes on a mountain bike, slalom through the rocks, churning up the dirt and dust. Yes, a downhill mountain bike ride creates a storm of emotions!
Take a lift to the top of the mountain and then off you go down the slopes, as fast as the wind! Your heart will be in your mouth, and you’ll be gasping for breath but adrenaline will take over as you charge downhill on your mountain bike!

Downhill biking is ideal for extreme sports fans and adrenaline junkies everywhere!


For more experienced hikers, the Dolomites offer a large number of ‘via ferratas’, trails which are fitted with a range of equipment (harnesses, ropes, carabiner clips, helmets) which enable hikers to reach less accessible locations in complete safety, using techniques that are akin to true climbing.

To tackle this type of excursion, in addition to a reasonable amount of physical preparation, you need a decent knowledge of the territory and local climatic and meteorological conditions. We recommend that you contact the Alpine Guides who can provide all the information you need or even accompany you on your initial experience of the ‘via ferratas’, or even your first climb. One thing’s for sure – when you reach the top, the sense of achievement is immeasurable.


Each day, large numbers of paragliding enthusiasts soar above, setting off from the slopes of Col Rodella and the Belvedere and bringing life to the dazzling blue sky with their manoeuvres. Their activity creates a unique scenario, with the colour of the sails set against a curious rainbow of colours from the surrounding nature - the green of the woods, the grey of the rocky peaks, the white snow-tipped peaks of the Marmolada and the flaming reds from the sunset.
The thrill of flying in this natural paradise is not just for experts. Beginners can also participate thanks to the tandem paraglide which allows everyone with a natural fearlessness to experience the thrill of flying in complete safety, under the guidance of national instructors. The ‘Dolomiti High Fly’ paragliding school is less than 15 minutes away by public transport.


Playing golf on the golf course at Lake Carezza really is an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by the Catinaccio and Latemar mountain ranges, as well as by splendid forests and beautiful meadows, the course is a paradise for anyone who loves nature.


The 9-hole golf course extends over 2,670 m and is open from May to November. The Driving Range with Putting Green and practice bunker offer good training opportunities for anyone looking to perfect their technique. The extraordinary pleasure of golf at 1,600 m... The golf course is just 15 minutes away by public transport.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking consists of walking along mountain paths, meadows or valleys, equipped with special sticks, resulting in the use of 90% of the body's muscles and moving legs, arms, torso, shoulders and neck at the same time. The sport is carried out in the open air, a gentle workout that develops endurance, strength and fitness.
It is the perfect exercise to achieve good physical shape in a short time, without straining the joints. The Dolomites are the ideal place for anyone who wants to have a go at the sport, to enjoy pure air and fantastic views under the expert guidance of qualified instructors. Our Resort offers 3 routes of differing levels, straight from the campsite.

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