The classic massages to discover during a holiday at Pozza di Fassa
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The classic massages to discover during a holiday at Pozza di Fassa

This category of massages offered at Camping Vidor comprises, among others, partial, relaxing, lymphatic drainage, sports, aromatherapy and energising massages

Classic massages

Hot stone massage

around 50 min. € 65,00

Delicate caresses with deeply calming and relaxing warm basalt stones ease the muscles and envelop you in a profound feeling of peace and pampering. Rediscover serenity and inner harmony.

Candle massage

around 50 min. € 65,00

A sumptuous massage with shea butter combined with sesame oil and soy wax. For hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Aromatherapy massage

around 50 min. € 58,00

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic method that uses of natural essential oils to treat various physical, mental and spiritual ailments.
Cocktail of perfumes, specific essences chosen together to get deep wellbeing in absolute relaxation, through the sense of smell and absorption through the skin.

Sports massage

around 50 min. € 62,00

The sports massage is primarily used following sporting activity, to relax the muscular system and prevent the possible formation of lactic acid. This massage works deeply on the muscular tissue layers and a little passive exercise is carried out on the leg region.

Drainage massage

around 50 min. € 62,00

The drainage massage is also known by the name ‘pump and roll’, due to the type of movements that are performed during the treatment, which are considered to be the most effective for promoting the release of fat accumulations, thus stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Relaxing massage

around 50 min. € 55,00

The relaxing massage works on the muscular tissue layers relaxing and harmonising them, and getting rid of the tension caused by stress. Thanks to the stimulation and relaxation of certain particular points, the body and mind relax and “disconnect” from the hectic frenzy of problems, worries and daily routine. Practically, this massage integrates the body, mind and emotions which we know are inextricably linked.

Partial massage

around 50 min. € 65,00

The name says it all, the partial massage is carried out on a specific part of the body. Most often this is the part which causes pain or which creates problems for various reasons such as stress, pain, knocks or strains. If you wish to loosen up individual parts of your body in a relatively short period of time, the partial massage is perfect; it restores harmony and wellbeing to the body.

Lomi lomi

around 50 min. € 65,00

Enveloping and relaxing Hawaiian massage that acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, and respiratory system, and to the muscles. A magical massage that will lull you as if you were in the middle of the ocean waves.

Classic body treatments

Cellulite and slimming treatment

around 50 min. € 65,00

This professional treatment contrasts the mechanisms that are responsible for the formation of skin imperfections and slows down their evolution by combining slimming, firming and draining actions.

Silky skin treatment

around 50 min. € 60,00

This treatment helps to tone tissue and smooth the skin giving it new vitality, by combining the exfoliating power of a body scrub with a relaxing and moisturising massage.

Classic facial treatments

Facial massage

around 25 min. € 30,00

A massage with beneficial effects on your skin and state of mind.

Deep facial cleansing

around 50 min. € 49,00

Facial cleansing is considered the basic treatment in cosmetics and is used to remove impurities, dead cells and black heads from the surface of the skin.

Nourishing facial treatment (mask + massage)

around 25 min. € 33,00

A mini treatment for those who have little time and are always in a hurry!

Purifying facial treatment

around 50 min. € 55,00

A treatment with powerful absorbing, sebum-regulating and rebalancing actions to restore purity, hydration and comfort to skins with excessive sebum production

Anti-aging facial treatment

around 50 min. € 60,00

Intensive beauty treatment that regenerates and reinforces the skin, leaving it luminous and relaxed. Drive away the signs of ageing to leave space for your natural beauty to shine through.

Classic packages

Massages… what a deep relax!

around 180 min. in 3/4 days € 165,00

RELAXING MASSAGE around 50 min.
PARTIAL MASSAGE around 25 min.
PLANTAR MASSAGE around 25 min.
HOT STONE MASSAGE around 50 min.

Relaxation for couples

€ 250,00

2 RELAXING MASSAGES around 50 min.
2 FACIAL TREATMENTS around 50 min.

Beauty for her

around 140 min. in 1/2 days € 140,00

MANICURE around 45 min.
BODY WRAP around 25 min.
PARTIAL MASSAGE around 25 min.

Beauty for him

around 140 min. in 1/2 days € 140,00

PEDICURE around 50 min.

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