Trekking in the Dolomites - Hikes in the UNESCO World Heritage
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Trekking in the Dolomites - Hikes in the UNESCO World Heritage

Explore the surrounding Dolomites on various trekking tours which start directly at the Camping Resort Vidor


This is an area best explored gently, which rewards you with intense emotions at every step. There is the spectacular warm pink colour of the enrosadira which sets the walls of the Dolomites alight at dawn and sunset, as well as the beautiful little lakes which can be reached in just a few hours of walking. There are the peaks which you can scale with the help of Alpine guides, the shelters where you can rest during walks, and the malghe or Alpine farms, where you can taste milk and cheeses. As soon as you arrive in our campsite Vidor in Pozza di Fassa you will breathe in a harmonious energy. Our Family and Wellness Resort offers 2 routes of differing lengths which both depart directly from our campsite and arrive directly back.

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Duration of whole route: 5hrs 30min

Leaving from our campsite, go down to the footbridge. From there you depart bearing left and continue until you reach the Malga al Crocifisso mountain hut. There you leave the main road and take the track branching off to the right which enters the Valle dei Monzoni. Once you have crossed the barrier continue up the partially tarmacked road which passes through the picturesque Val dei Monzoni. After some sharp bends, the track continues at a more moderate gradient following alongside a pretty river gorge, whilst in the distance the dark volcanic ridge of the Monzoni appear. On the left is path 640, which crosses a footbridge and leads to Lagusèl. Cross and follow the path. For a long stretch there is a pronounced gradient, then the path levels out with a pleasant walk on the Pief meadows. Finally after the last uphill stretch you will reach the Sella del Pief at 2186m Here, leaving path no. 641 that leads to Palacia and Pecol, go down to the left through a meadow notable for its numerous hilly mounds. Below, the Lagusel lake appears, which was originally formed from a glacier. It can be reached in just a few minutes. Continue towards the pasture beyond the fallen boulders, now covered with thick vegetation, which seal off the lake to the west. You will easily find the old road which runs steeply down to the bottom of the valley. When you meet the forest road called "Strada dei Russi" take the left, passing the Ruf de Sèn Nicolò and after a brief uphill stretch the road merges with the tarmacked road which runs down towards the departure point at Crocifisso and then to the campsite.

Duration of whole route: 6hrs 30min

Leaving from the campsite, go down towards Pozza where you will reach the Buffaure cable car station (2,060m). From here go down the slope to the Sella and then left onto the wide ski piste (here below on the right you can still take the chair lift that goes to Col de Valvacin) and then reach Buffaure above, at the Baita Cuz shelter. Continue uphill and you will reach the ridge via a convenient zigzag. Go towards the chairlift station and up the steep ramp which leads to the Sas de Adam (a spectacular circular panorama over all the Fassa Dolomites) beyond which you start your descent. Where the ridge starts to rise again, take the northern mountainside until you reach Sela Brunéch at 2428m. Beyond the chair lift (here the path becomes no. 613 bis) you return to the gentler ridge which seals off the Ciampac valley bowl to the south and follow it until you reach the piercing spurs of the Sas de Roces which force you to move onto the Val San Nicolò slope. There are some hairpin bends on the descent before a long flat stretch at altitude. These bends are helped at steep points by cables. Finally you reach the wide grassy saddle beyond the Sas Bianch. Go back up the western slope of Varos in a steep diagonal (the road becomes no. 613 again), where there are first world war fortresses. Go down the eastern slope in view of the shelter at the San Nicolò Pass (2,338m) which can be reached in just a few minutes. Return down the Val San Nicolò along the track to the Baita Ciampié at 1826m and to the campsite via the tarmacked road.